Saturday, November 13, 2010

Universal Healthcare: The Collective Moral Obligation

What do I mean by the above title of this essay? It simply means that healthcare is not a right, it is not a luxury, to buy or not to buy, healthcare coverage is a “Collective Moral Obligation”.

What do I mean by a collective more obligation? By definition, it is a social compact. It means that if you need help, I will be there for you. If I need help, you will be there for me. There are some collective moral obligations that need the pooling of resources. For example: national defense, the construction of infrastructure, etc. which require the collective resources of all citizenry. I would strongly suggest that healthcare coverage is one of these collective obligations. It is something that we all will need, and will use, but not all can afford alone. The cost of universal healthcare coverage is to expensive for far to many of our citizens.

It should be funded by a universal tax, or revenues, via payroll or sales tax, that we all pay into as part of the collective American society, and coverage provided universally to all citizens. All Americans would be provided coverage, funded by our collective pooling of fund.

Author Warren Thompson, Jr.